Have you opened e-shop of tooth21.com and are you interested in a product? Perfect!

To place an order at tooth21, you can make the payment online by card or PayPal so the order can be processed immediately when we receive it.

If you want, when ordering online, you can also make the payment by bank transfer. With this method, we will send an email with billing information which will include our bank details. If the order is very time sensitive, bear in mind that this order may take a little longer because the order will not be processed until the payment has been received.

Tooth21.com is an online dental supplies store. On our website, you can check the details, price and availability of our products and order directly. You can pay by transfer, card, or PayPal and shipping take 4 to 6 working days.

If you prefer, you can also make the order over the phone. In this case, we’ll send you an email within a few hours containing a bill stating the amount of money needed to be transferred. Between the phone call and sending the bill, these orders tend to take a little longer than those made online. If you are in a hurry, we recommend using the online store, but you can choose the method that suits you best

The company tooth21 is in electronic form with all the advantages it offers. By this way, we are flexible in transactions, we have the best prices in the European Union and our expansion is done in a much easier way than if we had a simple store in one place.

To make an order at tooth21 you need to make the payment when you order by transfer, card or PayPal. Is not possible to pay cash on delivery.

But it would be our pleasure to meet up close.

  • The delivery time is from four to six days to every country in Europe. “
  • “Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, not holidays or weekends. “
  • “Some products may have different delivery times, in these cases the delivery time will appear on the product description or we will notify to as soon as possible. Delivery times are always estimates, in 95% of cases they are met but it must be taken into account that the couriers will not always be able to meet these estimates.

At tooth21.com we ship to any country in the European Union. These shipments have a delivery time of approximately 4-6 days. We only ship within the EU.

If the product you received isn’t what you expected and you want to make a return there is no problem, just do the following:

  • You must make the return within 15 days of receiving the order.
  • It is imperative that the product and its packaging are not altered. For health and safety reasons, products that have the security seal open cannot be returned. Unless the reason for the return is a defect in the product, the shipping costs of the return must be paid by the customer.
  • If you are a European company or individual and you have a European VAT Number-Registered for the intracommunity transactions, you do not have to pay taxes with your order
  • If you do not have a European VAT Number, please contact us to arrange to receive your order in the best way.
  • In this case, you do not have the pay the taxes of your country

Tooth21.com is an online dental store with products for dental clinics with an average discount of 15-30%. We are working with several dental brands and well-known stores, negotiating and getting the best prices for you. You can see all the products available on our website and place an order directly. If the order is more than €400, delivery is free. Otherwise, shipping costs vary and we will contact you by e-mail or by phone contact. When ordering through the website you can make the payment easily by transfer, card, or PayPal. The delivery time is 4/6 working days from the confirmation of payment.

We often advise our customers to buy in bulk, because:

1. for orders from 400 euros and more, you do not pay shipping costs.

2. Even if your order does not reach 400 euros, we recommend the bulk purchase because this way you ensure greater adequacy in your office than the goods you need and so you do not need to order often by paying many times the shipping.
3. It is in your interest to make a purchase above the limit of 400 euros, and we will explain it to you with an example. If you want your first order today to be 150 euros, after 15 days 50 euros and after 20 days 200 euros, so you will pay 3 times shipping costs, which with a bulk order of 400 euros, you would not pay.

4. If you want to place an order from our store for products that interest you, and it is less than 400 euros, even in this case your profit is increased, because of the low prices of the products in our e-shop, and it grows as you make bulk purchases!

Contact us to suggest to you the most advantageous way to get your favorite products.